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Monthly Archives: January 2022


How Is Child Support Calculated In A High Net Worth Divorce In Florida?

By Williams & Varsegi, LLC |

Going through a divorce is never an easy thing to do. High net worth divorce cases are especially complicated—even more so for parents of young children. In Florida, the non-custodial parent may be required to pay child support to the parent with primary physical possession of the child. This raises an important question: How… Read More »

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Divorce In Florida: Your Guide To Residency Requirements

By Williams & Varsegi, LLC |

The United States is a mobile society. Many people relocate across state lines during the course of their life. For a married couple going through a divorce, deciding where to file for divorce can be complicated. You can get divorced in Florida even if you got married in another state—but you must satisfy the… Read More »

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Pension, Defined Benefit Plans, And Divorce In Florida: A Guide To Your Rights

By Williams & Varsegi, LLC |

A pension is a fund into which money is added on behalf of an individual during their employment years to be drawn from during their retirement. A pension plan—and other retirement assets—can be difficult to deal with in a divorce. You may be wondering: Are pension benefits subject to property distribution in a Florida… Read More »

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