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Boca Raton Post-Judgment Divorce Lawyer

Get Assistance with Post-Judgment Divorce Matters from Experienced and Successful Broward and Palm Beach County Family Law Attorneys

Once your Florida divorce is finalized, you may think you won’t ever have contact with your ex again. However, there will be situations still that require you to consider post-judgment modifications. Changing circumstances may warrant revisiting the current child custody, support, or alimony arrangements. Making any changes to the court order means going back to court. If one side is contesting the requested changes, it means you need to resolve the issues through litigation.

Don’t attempt to handle post-judgment modifications on your own. You need a skilled and experienced Boca Raton post-judgment divorce lawyer representing you. The team at Williams & Varsegi, LLC, have years of litigation experience with family law matters in Florida, including post-divorce judgment modifications. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can assist you.

Enforcement of Florida Family Court Orders

If your ex is not making the required support payments for you and/or your children, it means they are not complying with the official court order. They may also not be complying with aspects of the parenting and timesharing plan. In these situations, you need the court to intervene and enforce the final judgment.

The court can enforce the order in a number of ways, including through civil contempt and incarceration, wage garnishments, and intercepting tax refunds. You don’t need to deal with the court for every missed payment or child exchange meeting. However, there are times where court intervention is the only way to get the assistance you need.

Modification of Court Orders

Depending on the type of alimony you are receiving, it may last indefinitely or be tied to a specific timeframe. Alimony can be terminated early if the recipient spouse passes away or remarries. Some types of alimony cannot be modified, which your attorney can explain to you if that applies to your situation.

Common reasons someone may want to request a change in support include a drastic change in income, the paying spouse lost their job, or there is a change in your child’s expenses and needs. When a child has a long-term medical condition or special needs, it’s not uncommon to need to revisit the child support amount.

Parental Relocation

Another reason that you might need to request a post-divorce judgment modification is for a possible relocation. If one parent needs to move for their job, it could create a conflict if the other parent objects. In the event you cannot reach an agreement on the relocation, it means going to court and filing a petition for relocation.

Under Florida law, a relocation is a move that is over 50 miles away from the current home, and it will last for at least 60 consecutive days.

Contact a Boca Raton Post-Judgment Lawyer

Once your divorce is final, the last thing you want to think about is having to go through more litigation to resolve one or more new issues. Don’t attempt to resolve these on your own, let an experienced Florida post-judgment attorney help. Contact Williams & Varsegi, LLC, today to schedule an initial consultation.

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