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Under Florida law, if you have a child out of wedlock, then the father’s paternity is not conclusively established. When there is no paternity established, it can have a major impact on the father’s rights. He may not be able to participate in parenting or timesharing. He is also not paying child support either.

The experienced Boca Raton paternity lawyers at Williams & Varsegi, LLC, specialize in family law matters like paternity cases throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties. To learn more about what Williams & Varsegi, LLC, does and the nuances with Florida paternity laws, contact our office to schedule an initial consultation.

Florida’s Paternity Laws

If the parents are married when a child is born, there is a presumption that the husband is the newborn’s father. With unmarried parents, paternity would need to be established voluntarily if the parents are in agreement. Paternity of a baby can be affirmed in one of two ways. First, you can fill out forms at the hospital when the baby is born, or you can do it at a later date at the courthouse. In the latter case, you would need to have the form witnessed and notarized. Do not assume that just signing the birth certificate is enough to establish paternity. In the event the parents get married at a later date, it will also legitimize the relationship.

If paternity is disputed, then you would not use any of the aforementioned options. Instead, you may need to file a court action to establish paternity legally. Court actions for paternity can be complex. You need an experienced Florida paternity lawyer to assist. In some cases, someone may challenge establishing paternity, including the child’s mother, the alleged, or putative, father, the child, or even the mother’s husband.

Proving paternity is reliant on DNA evidence, but it’s not the sole factor. Other evidence and testimony can still play a very important role in both establishing and challenging paternity. Retaining a skilled Florida paternity lawyer can help you through the process. At Williams & Varsegi, LLC, our attorneys have an extensive litigation background which helps us understand the benefits of scientific testing as well as its limits. We will use all our available resources to challenge or pursue paternity lawsuits for our clients.

How Paternity Cases Start in Florida

Cases can start in a Palm Beach or Broward County circuit court by filing a Petition to Establish Paternity. Another option is to start a case through the Department of Revenue. This department is responsible for pursuing child support orders on behalf of Florida mothers. Not only can the Department of Revenue initiate the case, but newer laws also allow the agency to enter basic parenting and timesharing agreements. These agreements will be treated the same as legally enforceable court orders.

Retaining a Boca Raton Paternity Lawyer

A father is legally responsible to support his child financially. In order to get an order for child support, you need proof who the biological father is. Also, it’s important for your child to have a bond with both of their parents. If you need assistance with a paternity matter in Broward or Palm Beach County, contact Williams & Varsegi, LLC, today at 954-255-5655 to schedule an initial consultation.

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