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Category Archives: Equitable Distribution


Three Reasons Why There Could Be an Unequal Division of Assets in a Divorce in Florida

By Williams & Varsegi, LLC |

Florida is an equitable distribution standard (Florida Statutes § 61.075). A divorcing couple’s marital assets will be split equitable—it may or may not be an equal (50/50) split. You may be wondering: Why would there be an unequal distribution of assets? The answer is that this can happen in a number of different situations… Read More »

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Can a Spouse Claim a Share of Your Business If You are Getting Divorce in Florida?

By Williams & Varsegi, LLC |

It is hard to end a marriage—especially if you are a business owner. You may have a lot of questions or concerns about the future of your company, including: Can my spouse claim a share of my business? The answer depends largely on whether or not your company is deemed marital property or separate… Read More »

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High Net Worth Divorce And Equitable Distribution: Investments

By Williams & Varsegi, LLC |

One of the hardest parts of getting a divorce is dividing property. For high income couples, splitting assets is even more challenging. There is a lot at stake—and you may own many different types of complex property, including investment interests. Here, our Boca Raton equitable distribution attorney provides an overview of the most important… Read More »

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Florida Divorce: When Does Separate Property Become Marital Property?

By Williams & Varsegi, LLC |

Dividing property and assets is one of the hardest parts of getting a divorce. In Florida, divorcing couples are entitled to an “equitable” share of the marital property. Each spouse gets to retain their own separate property. You may have a question: Is it possible for separate property to become marital property? The answer… Read More »

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