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Four Advantages of Keeping Your Hight Net Worth Divorce Out of Court


As difficult—and fiercely contested—as a divorce can be, most are settled outside of court. According to data cited by Forbes, only a small share of divorce are actually resolved through a trial. Indeed, as many as 98 percent of divorce cases nationwide end up being uncontested divorces. For high net worth couples, there are major benefits to avoiding a trial. Here, our Boca Raton divorce attorney highlights four advantages of keeping your high net worth divorce out of court in Florida.

Benefit #1: Reduce Personal Conflict 

Even if your marriage is ending in a bad way, it is still desirable to limit conflict during the divorce process. Opting to keep your high net worth divorce out of court significantly reduces personal conflict. Doing so is especially valuable for parents or people who otherwise want to maintain relationships. Outside of litigation, it is generally easier for people to keep their emotions in check.

 Benefit #2: Limit Legal Costs 

What are the legal costs associated with a divorce? In Florida, the answer varies widely depending on the specific nature of your case. Though, invariably, uncontested divorces are far less costly than divorce litigation. By handling your high net worth divorce cases outside of court, you can go a long way towards significantly limiting your costs.

 Benefit #3: Retain Flexibility and Control Over Your Property/Assets 

Settling your divorce out of court offers a unique advantage: it allows you and your ex-spouse to maintain control over the distribution of your property and assets. In court, decisions about asset division are often left to a judge, who may not fully understand the nuances of your personal and financial situation.

 Benefit #4: More Efficient (Save Time)

Unfortunately, divorce litigation can take years—especially in a complex high net worth divorce case. An uncontested divorce settlement that effectively protects your rights and secures your interests can be reached in far less time. No person wants to get locked up in a divorce dispute that drags on and on.

 You Can Still Use a Structured Process (Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, etc) 

Keeping your high net worth out of court does not mean that you have to figure out everything on your own. Quite the contrary, there are major benefits to getting professional help—and you can still use a structured process. Alternatives like mediation or collaborative divorce offer a structured yet flexible framework, enabling you and your partner to work through disagreements constructively. Although litigation may prove to be necessary in a relatively small share of high net worth divorce cases, it is always based on trying to resolve your case in a low-conflict matter.

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