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Do Parents Testify in a Child Custody Case in Florida?


Are you going through a custody dispute in South Florida? It is crucial that you know the steps to take to protect your parental rights. You may be wondering: Will I testify in my custody case? While the answer depends on a number of specific case-specific factors—parents often do testify if a custody case goes before a judge. Here, our Boca Raton child custody lawyer highlights the key things parents should understand about the right to give testimony in a custody case.

Know the Law: Best Interests of the Child in Florida 

Florida is a “best interests of the child” state. Under Florida Statutes § 61.13, courts must resolve custody and visitation cases with consideration towards what arrangement is best for the child’s health, safety, and well-being. As a parent going through a custody case, you need to put your child’s needs first.

 Parents Often Give Testimony in Contested Child Custody Case 

In contested child custody cases, parents frequently provide testimony to assert their parenting capabilities and argue why they are the more suitable guardian for their child. Depending on the situation, the testimony can include personal statements, evidence of their relationship with the child, and demonstrations of their ability to provide a stable, nurturing environment.

 Many Custody Cases are Resolved through Collaborative Negotiations 

To be clear, divorcing and separating parents are certainly not always required to give formal testimony in court. Many custody cases in Florida are resolved outside of the courtroom through collaborative negotiation. An experienced Florida family lawyer can help you work towards a non-adversarial agreement that effectively protects your parental rights.

 Three Tips for Parents Giving Testimony in a Custody Case in Florida 

For a parent, giving testimony in a child custody case can be stressful. There is a lot at stake. That being said, proper preparation can make a big difference. Here are four tips that parents can use:

  1. Understand Florida’s Custody Laws: Knowledge is power in custody cases. You should be sure to familiarize yourself with Florida’s custody laws. Remember, the best interests of the child is the guiding principle in all custody and visitation matters.
  2. Maintain a Focused Narrative: Your testimony should be concise, relevant, and focused on positive things to the maximum extent possible. The best approach is to stick to facts that directly pertain to your parenting abilities and the well-being of your child
  3. Consult With an Orlando Custody Lawyer: You do not have to figure out everything alone. An experienced Orlando child custody lawyer can help you prepare your testimony. Remember, your attorney will be by your side in court.

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At Williams & Varsegi, LLC, our Florida child custody lawyers are compassionate, solutions-forward advocates for parents. If you have any questions about testimony in a custody case, we are here to help. Call us now or contact us online for your confidential family law consultation. From our Boca Raton law office, we advocate for the custody rights of parents throughout Southeast Florida.

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