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Our motto at Williams & Varsegi, LLC, is Everything Family Law, Because Family is Everything. We take this philosophy to heart and strive to provide knowledgeable, effective advice and representation that meets your needs, no matter what Florida family law issue you are facing. See below for a brief description of some of our main areas of expertise, or click on a subject for more detail. For immediate assistance, call the Parkland family lawyers of Williams & Varsegi, LLC, at 954-255-5655, or contact us online for an appointment at our offices in Coral Springs or Boca Raton.


We handle both contested and uncontested divorces in Palm Beach and Broward County. Our lawyers look out for your interests in all aspects of Florida divorce law, including child custody, child support, the division of marital property, alimony and more.


Starting or growing a family through adoption is a beautiful thing, but it is also a complicated legal process that can result in heartache or unneeded expense if not handled properly. Our family lawyers help with agency and private adoptions, foster care adoptions through the state, stepparent adoptions and are also fully capable of representing you in the complex area of gestational surrogacy agreements.

Foster Care

Not all family law attorneys have the background to adequately deal with foster care matters. Our child-focused family law attorneys have experience serving as Guardians ad Litem in family court and also all served as Assistant Attorneys General prosecuting dependency cases for child legal services. We represent parents as well as foster families in dependency cases or hearings to terminate parental rights. Our representation includes relative caregivers as well, whether or not they are serving as foster parents at the time.


Establishing paternity can be critical to the outcome of a divorce or child custody dispute, affecting a father’s legal right to participate in parenting and timesharing as well as his legal obligation to provide financial support. Genetic testing is only one piece of evidence that may be relevant to a paternity proceeding; knowledgeable and experienced legal representation is essential for a successful outcome in this important area with lasting consequences. We represent parties seeking to establish or challenge paternity in Coral Springs, Boca Raton and surrounding communities.

Domestic Violence

Violence or the threat of violence directed against you or your children by a family member, household member or former spouse should never be tolerated. We act swiftly to obtain a temporary injunction of protection against domestic violence, as our experienced and dedicated family law litigators prepare for a full courtroom hearing on a long-term or permanent injunction.

Prenuptial Agreements

If you have reservations about entering into marriage because of a large wealth disparity or a previous bitter divorce, or if you want to start your new life together with your eyes wide open based on honest communication and mutual trust, a prenuptial agreement can set the stage for a happy marriage while protecting both spouses in the event of divorce. Our compassionate family law attorneys can also assist you in drafting a postnuptial agreement at any point in your marriage.


Divorce decrees are meant to be final, but they can later be modified if a party can prove a substantial change in circumstances that would justify a modification. We represent parties post-divorce who are seeking or resisting a change in alimony or child support, or a parental relocation which would alter the timesharing and parenting plan. We also provide strong, effective representation in the enforcement of court orders regarding the payment of support or child custody matters.

Guardian ad Litem

All of the attorneys at Williams & Varsegi, LLC, started their legal careers as Guardians ad Litem, looking out for the best interests of the child in parenting conflicts or other child-related disputes. Our firm continues our lawyers’ child-centered focus to this day, serving as court-appointed representatives for children in family law matters. A Guardian ad Litem can be appointed on the motion of either party, or on the judge’s own initiative if the judge decides one is needed. We help the court understand the child’s needs and advocate for the child’s rights and interests on matters that concern them. Our representation may involve investigating the facts of a case, reviewing legal, education and medical records, interviewing the parents and children, talking to therapists, doctors, teachers or coaches, and testifying or making recommendations to the court.

Call Williams & Varsegi, LLC, for Comprehensive Family Law Services in Parkland & Boca Raton

For help with divorce, adoption, paternity, and a host of other family law matters in Palm Beach or Broward County, contact the Parkland family lawyers at Williams & Varsegi, LLC, at 954-255-5655.

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