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Coral Springs Parental Relocation Lawyer

Experienced Relocation Attorneys Representing Parents in Broward County and Palm Beach County

At Williams & Varsegi, LLC, our Coral Springs parental relocation lawyers are committed to providing diligent, solutions-oriented representation to parents. If you are considering relocating with your child or if your former partner is planning to move, we will protect your legal rights. Your case matters. Our attorneys offer personal legal advocacy to every client. To set up a fully private initial consultation, please contact us today.

An Overview of Florida’s Relocation Statute

Parents are restricted when “relocating” with a child if they have shared custody of that child or if that child is subject to a time-sharing agreement. Indeed, under Florida law (Florida Statutes § 61.13001), a parent in this situation can only relocate a child by mutual consent or with court approval. To be clear, relocation is not equivalent to moving to a new residence. In Florida, relocation is defined as a move that:

  • Is at least 50 miles away; and
  • Lasts for a minimum of 60 days.

A move to a new house or apartment in the same city is not a relocation. Further, a temporary move for vacation, educational, or medical purposes is not a relocation unless the child is gone for more than 60 days.

Requirements for Child Relocation

For parents seeking to relocate with a child, there are two options available:

  1. Consent Agreement: If both parents consent to the relocation, then it is likely to be lawful. That being said, there are certain requirements that must be met before a consent agreement will be approved. The non-relocating parent should be notified of the move in advance, the agreement should include a revised time-sharing schedule, and the agreement should include a workable plan for transportation.
  2. Court Petition: A non-relocating parent has the right to object to a proposed move. Should a dispute over a child relocation arise, the parent seeking to move the child must get a petition approved by the appropriate Florida court. These cases are resolved under the best interests of the child standard.

How Our Parental Relocation Lawyers Can Help

Child relocations are often emotionally challenging and logistically complicated cases. At Williams & Varsegi, LLC, we have extensive experience representing parents. Whether you are seeking to move your child, attempting to stop a relocation, or have questions about your rights or obligations, our Florida family lawyers are here to help. Among other things, we will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive, confidential review of your case;
  • Answer your questions and explain Florida’s relocation process;
  • Help you work to negotiate an agreement that works best for your family; and
  • If necessary, take legal action to protect your parental rights.

Call Our Coral Springs Parental Relocation Lawyers for Immediate Assistance

At Williams & Varsegi, LLC, our South Florida family law attorneys have extensive experience handling parental relocation cases. If you or your loved one is preparing to move with a child, we are here to help. To set up a strictly confidential, no obligation consultation, please contact us today. We represent parents in Broward County and Palm Beach County.

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