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Boca Raton Guardian ad Litem Lawyer

Let Experienced Florida Family Law Attorneys Help You Choose a Guardian ad Litem

If you need to appoint a Guardian ad Litem, it’s an important decision that should not be taken lightly. In fact, it’s one of the most critical decisions that a parent has to make in the litigation process. Choosing the right Guardian ad Litem, or GAL, is critical because it can have a major impact on the lives of everyone involved.

You have to ask yourself, what is in the best interest of the child? It’s understandable that you may worry about the Guardian ad Litem turning against one parent or the child, or even starting to overstep their role. These concerns are why you need to make sure you hire the right Boca Raton Guardian ad Litem lawyer.

At Williams & Varsegi, LLC, our experienced attorneys are here to put your mind at ease. We take a Guardian ad Litem appointment very seriously. Rest assured that we will handle this legal matter in a delicate and compassionate manner.

What is a Guardian ad Litem Responsible For?

A Guardian ad Litem is court-appointed and is often used as a neutral third party in legal matters like child custody battles, divorces, and relocation disputes. The Guardian ad Litem’s job is to speak with those who have impacted your child’s life, including teachers, pediatricians, therapists, relatives, etc. They will also pay a visit to your home and obverse how your child interacts with you. GALs can make recommendations to the court, which you are bound by. This is why it’s so important to make sure to appoint a skilled and experienced Guardian ad Litem.

In situations where you feel the court is not accurately seeing your home life or what a good parent you are, a Guardian ad Litem can provide a voice to your kids. The GAL’s job is to remain neutral and help the litigation process move forward when there is no end in sight.

Appointing the Right Guardian ad Litem

At Williams & Varsegi, LLC, we have spent many years working with children who are caught in the middle of legal battles. When we were with the Attorney General’s Children’s Legal Services Division, we interacted with children on a routine basis. This was one of the best parts of our jobs. We went through extensive training that prepared us to work with children and make sure their interests are protected in litigation.

We also have plenty of experience interviewing and working with the other parties who are involved in a child’s life. We underwent extensive training to interview and work with these parties. These people might be other relatives, teachers, therapists, etc. Throughout the process, we will also make sure your family’s privacy is protected.

Prior to joining the Attorney General’s office, the Florida Guardian ad Litem attorneys worked as staff attorneys for the GAL program in Miami-Dade County.

Contact a Compassionate and Experienced Florida Guardian ad Litem

If you need assistance with a legal matter that involves the appointment of a Guardian ad Litem, contact Williams & Varsegi, LLC, today at 954-255-5655 to schedule an initial consultation.

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